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You need to look no further for your specialized translation and interpreting needs!


We take great care in delivering high quality products for our clients while using our cost reduction methodology and state of the art translation software to guarantee you with rapid and quality.


At Language Solutions Albania we are confident that we can address any topic, content or field with the adequate level of expertise!


Quality and accuracy are our main priorities. Senior and leading professionals, native speakers, certified and highly qualified linguists are our key to guaranteeing quality and accuracy.

Certified Professionals

At Language Solutions Albania we believe that only fluently speaking a foreign language or being a native speaker of a language does not make a professional translator or interpreter.

Our professionals are vetted and internally certified for each service they provide.
Besides most of our team members being native speakers of their major language, we insist that our professionals meet our own rigorous standards and undergo continuous assessments and qualification.

In making sure that out professionals are among the best the market has to offer, we can guarantee our quality.

We are here to help whenever you need us!

At Language Solutions we understand that your work and your deadlines do not always fit with standard business hours. So, we too are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our staff and teams are here to make sure that the services you require are provided whenever you need it.

We take pride in working differently and being able to accommodate any needs you may have in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

Expedient Services

Do you need a translation that is completed quickly, accurately and professionally? Some say that in translation it is impossible to be both quick and provide quality work, but we are testing that notion every day! Talk to us if your deadlines require a translation to be done quickly, or if you need an interpreter for an urgent or unpredicted meeting or event. We will work with you to find the best possible solution. Our ever-developing practice, approach and translation processes allow us to quickly provide the services you need.

Language Solutions Albania is a full-range language-service and event management provider, cooperating with national and international companies, organizations, institutions and governments, both in the country and abroad.

Our varied range of services includes the provision of technically accurate and culturally appropriate translations and interpreting services, editing, proofreading, bilingual review, voice-over, event and conference management, production of visibility materials, simultaneous interpreting equipment, etc. We provide our wide-range services to over 100 regular clients in more than 10 active languages, covering a wide range of areas and topics. We also handle sensitive and classified documents under strict confidentiality agreements.

We take pride in being a mission-driven company where the emphasis always focuses on achieving one of the four translation truths: “Quality is better than quantity.”  Having said this, we always strive to address the needs of our client promptly and swiftly.

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