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Doesn’t matter the subject, content or project type, we can handle it. Expertly!

Including Professional Translation, Interpreting (Cultural interpretation), Editing, Proof-reading, Bilingual review, Transcription, Language testing, Terminology management, Voice-over

We take great care in delivering high quality work for our clients and , ensuringe business return through our methodology of cost reduction by employing the latest technology tools in the field of translation. We use an in-house assignment tracking software, which provides at any given time a clear overview of the current tasks assigned to the staff and their availability. This software enables us to provide quick and efficient services to our clients – by informing the client on the estimated delivery time within 10 minutes of receiving the request.



Banking and Finance , Legal , Public & Government,Medicine and Healthcare , Media, Tech and Engineering,  Business and Marketing, Travel and Leisure.


Quality and accuracy are our top priorities. Senior or leading professionals, native, certified and highly qualified linguists are our key to quality. But, this is not all! Our ownership quality process and investment in continuous improvement help us maintain the trust of our clients.


Being a fluent linguist is not enough, Nnr is it being a native speaker. ITC linguists are vetted and certified for each service they deliver. Besides being native, we insist that our linguists meet our own rigorous standards and undergo continuous assessments and recertification.


Our services and teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to provide the best service to our clients!  Our teams are available upon a client’s notice to assist. This is why Language Solutions Ltd makes a difference in the market.


If you have a project that needs to be done quickly. But, it also needs to be accurate and professional. Clients benefit from our experience, extended business hours and our processes enabling us to quickly meet your needs and deliver your project timely.

Language Solutions Ltd. is a full-range language-service provider cooperating with national and international companies, organizations, institutions and governments, both in the country and abroad.

It offers technically accurate and culturally appropriate translations and interpreting services. The company has a rich portfolio that includes service provision to over 60 clients provided in more than 10 languages, covering a wide range of areas and topics. The company also handles sensitive and classified documents under strict confidentiality agreements.

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